Do you know that millions of people around the Coast in Africa have permanently lost their homes due increase in water levels as a result of climate change?

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There have been recent reports of floods, destroying properties as well as loss of live due to increasing levels of seas and oceans due to increase in temperatures thereby causing the melting of glaciers. This has led to permanent loss of homes along the coast of Africa as the sand covered homes forcing a great wave of migration.
Students in Kenya couple of days ago took to the streets demanding that decisions or actions to mitigate climate change should be rapid and effective. Therefore, collectively lets us put our voices together to save this our beautiful planet earth by carrying out approaches that are environmentally sustainable. Time to take action is now,

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Unfortunatly, it is only the begining of it.


Therefore we need to scale it up and fast too

It may continue if we do not take sustainable aggressive approaches by all to mitigate it.