@askanything: you are paid to ask questions!

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Steemit is a great idea. I would like all students in the world to benefit from Steemit's features to learn.

Education is the key to personal development and a better future for humanity. The best way to learn is to ask questions. The Steemit community will help students who ask questions by answering their questions.
@askanything compensates students' questions by upvoting one question per person per week.
To pay as many questions as possible, the @askanything wallet needs to be filled with Steem Power. That's why we use your contributions. Just upvote this post or transfer Steem to @askanything, or resteem this post.

Thank you !


It looks a great project would love to try it for sure in next post

Hello @vishalhkothari, you have to use the tag asa with your post, so @askanything is able to detect your question.

Upvote and resteemed ....

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