Artzone Mula Token Logo Contest- Ran

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Ciao a tutti

Artzone Mula Token Logo Contest- Ran

The other morning I was watching steemit and I came across this fun contest .... I never did logos, maybe a couple, so I wanted to try ...... and this is my result

mod 2.jpg

But let's start from the beginning ....

I made a first freehand drawing ...

Trace in pencil and stroke pen ... I was undecided on the background .... looking around at home .... I found a box with star form and I am told, why not use that ....
collage 1.jpg

Coloring and finishing touches .... for coloring I used Touchfive markers

collage 2.jpg

The final result ..... but I have to say that it doesn't convince me and so I tried to make some changes, both in colors and in style ....


Digital Changes
mod mod ci sta.jpg

mod 1.jpg

mod invers.jpg

My work!


I wanted to remind you of my little contest .... to participate just do a drawing of your Nickname or name ..... below I leave the link where you can read the regulation ...

Draw your name - 2- contest


I really enjoyed your post!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Nice to see the steps that you took towards the final result!

thank you very much

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