My pencil drawing - A friend's portrait

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Hi Steemians!

Today I am sharing one of my recent drawings - a friend's portrait. I think I the portrait is not quite the exact portrait because I unintentionally added something from myself, as I see this person :)

Materials: a sheet of paper and a simple graphite pencil, and, of course, some time and patience :). I hope you'll like it :)


Progress shots:



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What a marvelous work, @zanetaviz! I don't know which one is more beautiful, your friend or your drawing! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, @trincowski, for your nice words! I truly appreciate that! 😊

Hi zanetaviz,

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Thank you so much for support, @curie! :) I highly appreciate that!

A drawing with surprising realism.
They look very lively.
Congratulations on a Curie vote,
Stay great!

What eyes and what a look so well done. All attention is perfectly focused on them. Congratulations for this portrait @zanetaviz

I don't know how your friend looks like but it seems to my that you have that potential of drawings.
Well done.

WoW...That is a beautiful piece of art well done you never know where this could take you keep that great work up 🌝

Hello! A pleasure♡

But what a beautiful portrait! You have so much talent, you can boost your art and improve it all the time to get more recognition and profits :)x

Greetings from Venezuela!!

ehy dear @zanetaviz, your portrait is very beautiful, your friend is very expressive. I love to see the different steps that led to the realization of the final work. have you studied art or are you self-taught?
Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas and congratulations on your curie rating

Thank you so much, @road2horizon, for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! :) No, I have not studied art, I am absolutely self-taught :) Thank you for the congratulations ;)

You didn't share a picture so I can't compare how realistic your friend look on your drawing but I can say that I see that she is kind, friendly and helpful. She looks like a person I like to meet :) And I guess that these are the features that you added because this is how you feel about her.

It's a beautiful drawing. I am sure that she loves it too.

Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

Thank you for such nice words! You are right :) I'm so happy that you can see more than people usually see - drawing technique, professionalism, accuracy of rendering, etc. - and just see and enjoy the beauty I wanted to convey with this drawing. Yes, my friend is exactly as you described and happy to have her :) Thank you once again! Have a nice day! :)

Thanks a lot, @readheadpei! 😊

You are very talented artist.

Thank you so much, @nelinoeva! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! ☺️

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Thank you very much, @art-venture, for noticing and featuring my work in your magazine! I sincerely appreciate that! 🤗