Yuri Boyka's painting has only finished 70% ...

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Hello friend steemit all, how are you all friends, hopefully always in the protection of the almighty, on the occasion of today I painted a great action film actor, with an extraordinary martial arts style, and he is my fan, I like his martial arts style , he is a "Yuri Boyka ,, but this painting I just finished 70%, but I will finish it soon ...


Something that we describe looks so real and alive even if it's just a pencil scratch. I really like my pencil paintings, because he always portrays the environment and various scenes that make my eyes comfortable. The simplicity that is painted is very deep, but in fact there is its own luxury when I pervade the meaning of my painting.



Sometimes the brush carries a black line between the soft white of happiness
Sometimes there is a gray color filling the fragile niche of the crystal frame
But not infrequently also red cheerfulness replaces the dark black grief
Whatever scratches, the canvas owner knows that each color will bring a certain meaning to the beauty of his paintings..

Thank you...


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