Painting an Indian woman painting and complete with her typical clothes ...

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Hello friend ....

This time I'm back to share a bit of inspiration about painting for all of us and I hope it has its benefits.

Good afternoon, friends, how are you doing today, hopefully always in the protection of the Almighty, on this occasion I painted a painting of an Indian woman and complete with her special clothes ...


Sometimes the brush carries a black line between the soft white of happiness
Sometimes there is a gray color filling the fragile niche of the crystal frame
But not infrequently also red cheerfulness replaces the dark black grief
Whatever scratches, the canvas owner knows that each color will bring a certain meaning to the beauty of his paintings..



My painting paper will always carve that perfection, it is endless indeed to form a beautiful painting it. My painting is too beautiful to always carve it. I admire my painting, because every time I see the smile of my painting I always make it in a painting light. my paper will continue to carve the beautiful paintings.

Thank you...


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This is an amazing drawing :) I really like it.

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