Painting a painting of a friend of mine, he is a lecturer with a graduate degree ....

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Hello friend ....

This time I'm back to share a bit of inspiration about painting for all of us and I hope it has its benefits.

On the occasion today I painted a painting of a friend of mine, he is a lecturer with a graduate degree ... I think he is a truly successful person, but this time he asked me to paint a figure from his face, enjoy ...


Something that we describe looks so real and alive even if it's just a pencil scratch. I really like my pencil paintings, because he always portrays the environment and various scenes that make my eyes comfortable. The simplicity that is painted is very deep, but in fact there is its own luxury when I pervade the meaning of my painting.



My painting paper will always carve that perfection, it is endless indeed to form a beautiful painting it. My painting is too beautiful to always carve it. I admire my painting, because every time I see the smile of my painting I always make it in a painting light. my paper will continue to carve the beautiful paintings.

Thank you..


You killing it man

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excellent work, a development of the technique very well prepared, I congratulate you, I am also in the art magazine and I would like your opinion, in this way we would support the group that is the goal, be all and support us to grow more, greetings .

Thank you, you praise me too much, but for me, you are better than me in the arts, I like your paintings, and the way you paint them ... also for you ...

Hello @teungkumerdu! I like your publication, it is a very nice work of art, with your permission to participate in the competition contest pay ahead is a wonderful contest that is in your week 48, I invite you to participate.

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