A painting of a beautiful woman wearing a hijab ...

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My painting paper will always carve that perfection, it is endless indeed to form a beautiful painting it. My painting is too beautiful to always carve it. I admire my painting, because every time I see the smile of my painting I always make it in a painting light. my paper will continue to carve the beautiful paintings.IMG_20190820_154052.jpg

Sometimes the brush carve a black line between the soft white of happiness, sometimes there is a gray color filling the recesses of the fragile heart of the crystal frame, but not infrequently also the cheerful red replaces the darkness of black grief, whatever scratches it is, the owner of the canvas knows that each color will carry a certain meaning for the beauty of his paintings.



Be an art connoisseur, so that you are accustomed to seeing your life from the angles that make it an art, an artist who gives his best masterpiece will get a place in the hearts of art lovers.

Thank you...


Beautiful portrait:) The colours are so well balanced and i loved the smile and expression of the girl. If you used a photograph to create your art, it would be cool to add it at the end of your post:)

thank you @georgeboya, i will try it ...


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