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Hello sir i am sujonxr.I am from bangladesh.
Today i say about my art what i do.These all art is about my countries nature what i feel.
There are first picture

I can art it on my artbook and i can capture it by my mobile i know that picture quality is not well if anybody have any problem understand this picture there are same photo on flash camera

About 1st picture:I can dream our countries nature like so i art.

There are 2nd photo,

About 2nd picture:Thats not my dream picture this our real nature on village.

There 3rd picture it is art by my younger sister

About 3rd picture:My younger sister is only 7 years old i think he art too good about her age.
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You are a good artist, this are nice frames


Thanks for friendly comment.

I think you are an artist family.
Do not stop painting
This is a pleasure for you but also for us to follow you
Your sister too, I encourage her.
She has the fiber of an artist or, better yet, the artist's seeds.



excellent, where do you get the inspiration to create art?

Great work are very very good in art.keep it up you will make waves with it .

Steem on brother .


My pleasure.

Hello Sujonxr I Admire what you do and I followed you. You will like my amazing steemit blog where I ask life biggest questions in different scenarios . Follow my blog for more interesting post.


Okk i am done.

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nice tnx you post like @mohammadkhalil follow me


Thats okay.

💯% perfect

Wonderful paintings. Love the village!


Thanks sir please visit our country and enjoy this nature.


All the photographs I have seen of Bangladesh depict a wonderful and beautiful country!


Thanks sir.

· my new blog sir please upvote and resteem sir.

Beautiful my dear

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