Inktober Day 14/15 - blehh

in #artzone4 months ago

Day 15 TN.jpg

Juggling last minute preparation for vacation really dont leave a lot of energy for this, here they are anyway tho!

Day 14.png
So this ones basically fanart of the recent X-men comic series House of X.
A series thats made me excited for the future of X-men comics for the first time in decades. and bloody impressive feat.

Day 15.png
A friend suggested that for todays one i do something nice for Mr McClutter, more specifically that he do something nice for himself, take a break from the frequent mishaps.


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No less funny but much more pleasant than the misadventures XD

Hello my friend, I really need to get in touch with you. It's for an amazing surprise regarding the Inktober event by @OCD :)

If you have discord, please contact me -> @anomadsoul #8455 or if you prefer email, please tell it to me so I can send you an message.

Either way, I hope you can reply this as soon as possible! 💪
Have a great day!