The world in my eyes

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This is a new painting. Being so entouched of what happens in the world nowdays, I'm feeling sad and suppressed... I'm planning an exhibition at the end of this year to show my inner world. Sometimes I see my paintings as a finnished product of my imagination. I saw the statue of Liberty in my imagination, don't blame me for that, please. The topic is sad .In this painting I show the face of Liberty. Everything is crashing...We do not have a Liberty actually, we are not free. Most of the people of mankind even don't know the meaning of live. They just exist. They even are not thankful about anything. I wonder what is happening with this world? Is it a blindess?! Many places of this world have dissapeared...Like some strange rubber erases pieces from this world.I think it's time to be more loving and understanding. We have to be thankful for our health and happiness, because there is more suffering and we know that very well.

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I really like this creative work


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Powerful message and excellent artistic technique

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Real painters paint via imagination and thought

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