Watercolor Old Man

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I am very happy, I have returned to watercolor classes.
I entered in January, but for instructor projects, classes were canceled.

I started doing good work as you can see in my other publications, but at home I don't feel the same motivation and commitment, so I put aside the watercolors and I relaxed.

The classes are once a week, I have already taken two classes and in them I conducted this study. The original work is by Vieco watercolorist.

I loved the play of lights with tobacco and candle, I had fun making wrinkles, so much that I think I'll do another similar

Now I will show you part of the process and a slight explanation

First I made the pencil sketch, I made the mistake of starting with the hat and the face and not the background . this made me complicated a little later


I continued to make the details of the face, the wrinkles are a bit difficult, all the time I had people watching while working and that makes me very nervous.
I noticed that I had made the mistake of the background, when I finished painting the man's details. In doing so at the end, this stayed with small spaces that don't look so professional.
However, I liked the result, I enjoyed the process and will continue to attend the classes :3!

See you later ;)

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I can understand your frustration with the background, but it did not harm the painting. I think that background, important as it may be to provide contrast and depth, it is just that, it is in the back, it should not call the viewers' attention.
The old man is the protagonist and he took center stage pretty well.
It reminded me of an old man I met in my town who lit his cigars with a candle.
I think that you did a great job transmitting the intensity of the lights.

Thank you so much

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That is an amazing piece of work to say the least. The colors, the skin effects, the specs, the Cigarettes, the lighter and your attention in making the end of the cigarette in the lighted condition is really makes it great.

God blesses with talents only to very few people in the universe, the talent like singing, music composing, drawing etc and you are sure in that category.

And with steemit, out of all other social media platform there is a speciality too, Here we can express our creativity and talent.freely and the members are more than gracious to acknowledge and accept it or appreciate it. The main proof is that your post has been given a special place through Curie Curation. Congrats ...

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Really nice picture, @sarau ! It is wonderful to see the process of this artwork, and I love how you did the lighting from the cigar, as it gives a dramatic accent to the old man's face <3

Congrats for curie, as well <3

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I also prefer joining the classes as I don't feel the same motivation at home. The group energy motivates me and I feel like I have to do something. While at home I rather sit down and just relax, read a book or maybe watch some movies..

This is a great watercolor work. I like that he is lightening his cigarette with a candle :) I also like those small details such as wrinkles. I can see that you enjoyed the process and spent a lot of time finalizing it.

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!