Full body practice of two bodies (Process)

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Let's start by saying that this was one of the subjects of an anatomical figure course that I was participating a few months ago, the objective of this exercise was to dynamically learn the bones and muscles completely of the body, at least my case was not fulfilled I didn't learn my muscles by heart, only a few.

From the beginning when that course began, we had been warned to all the participants of the course, that the knowledge we would have received throughout the course would be evaluated and depending on that weighting we would be given the certificate that we had passed the course, in If the score was not the minimum to pass, I would not give the certificate. When I heard that, I panicked, I usually get scared of things in which I have to be exposed and valued by certain parameters but I had already ridden that boat and had to sail it.

But you don’t enter here to know if I panic or not, you entered this post for the process so let's go to it.

I want to clarify that this drawing at the level of composition is not mine, it is from a well-known artist named Roberto Ferri, The idea of the exercise was to take a work by an artist who was figurative and had at least two bodies, I decided on this composition because of how strange and beautiful the poses of the bodies were, in addition to the woman's wings. I started by dividing the support into its four halves, positioning the figures of the two people, and then starting to make a little of the background on the left side of the drawing.

The materials that were assigned to make the drawing, were only inks, were pens, markers, Chinese inks, the only condition was that it was ink, so use a black ink pen to start making the plants that are located in the part left, as well as the rest of the whole drawing was shaded with a pen and also giving glazes or removing the white color to the support with a mixture of a lot of water and ink, which was passed with a brush impregnated with water first by the support and then soaked with the mixture of water and ink so that the support absorbed the material better.

The technique that was used with the pen was that of hatching, from the bottom to the musculature of the two bodies, some muscles I found difficult not to do them but where they had to be located and what direction they could take, in this whole process my teacher was guiding me and helping me in the improvements that had to be made to the drawing, such as obscuring some things, to fix the direction of the muscle.

I want to apologize if the process images do not look so good, the camera you use did not have such a good resolution, and with that said, let's continue.

There is a dramatic leap in this process, I completely forgot while doing it, stop doing it and take pictures but I took at least the job of taking pictures of the details that cannot be seen in the other images. Part of the bottom and floor was grass and there was a lot of detail and honestly, I didn't have time to do those details little by little, I found it much faster and more pragmatic to solve it with Chinese ink and a few frames that intensified some areas as a suggestion of copy of the original.

As you will see, it has quite defined parts of the body, it is quite strange because of the fact that the left thigh of the figure of the man is seen to be turning into a trunk, as the wings of the woman also attracts attention, it is a pretty beautiful scene, I dare to say.

In some of the leaves that are seen in the background, deepen them with a very thin layer of water with Chinese ink so that they came out or look a little deeper.

One of the wings is not at all like the other in aspects of hatched on the wings, one has a very short plot and seems to be very rigid, but instead, the other has a looser and longer frames, it was a mistake I committed by doing them at different times, by doing them separately.

Well, that is how the whole drawing ended up looking completely, the paper crumpled a little because of the water. Now that I see the drawing and I had to describe it, as well as remember the procedure, I find myself thinking that I liked the process very much, what I entail, I entertained myself doing it but seeing the final result, I consider that it is not so good and I don't get it satisfied with it but hey, dilemmas of any self-demanding draftsman.

Ah, I almost forgot it, here I leave you the original work, majestic and beautiful in many aspects of what you can talk about, delight yourself.

Title of the work: ANIMA MUNDI

Roberto Ferri

Without further telling you, I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, how did you think, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read you with all the attention and love.

If you want to go through my Instagram to see a little more of my content, here I will leave it:


Goodbye, guys!

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This is absolutely stunning. I adore it - you are so talented!

I am writing a post about the #creativecoin token and the beauty of art, and why we curate. I'd like to use your image as one of the images in there. I will fully reference it and refer to your blog. Is that okay with you?

Yes, no problems

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This is great, crazy how much having the muscles exposed changes the whole feel of the composition. You should use the #creativecoin tag to earn extra crypto on your art posts :) That is all you have to do is use the tag (and btw if you use the steempeak.com website to publish or edit your posts you can use up to 10 tags). Cheers

This is really well done, @roveana :D I love how thorough your presentation of your step by step process as it shows well your attention to details <3

The finished picture is very lovely to me! The musculature of the two figures being shown like that gives the picture an interesting and slightly macabre touch, as if we are seeing the pair of people without their skins.... Really cool * __ *

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