My ode to @ned

in artzone •  6 months ago

Earthlings most wonderful earthlings I am Pricasso most wonderful artist, who are you? Today is a most magical Monday. Pricasso is loving his art so much that today he decided to give thanks, Give a massive thanks to The Man, THE LEGEND the Big Boss , the biggest of them all for creating this magical platform, Pricasso is too thankful that he is able to showcase his world class top quality and most magical art ever here, if not for this magical man and his partner @dan this would never have been possible for Pricasso. The only way Pricasso could ever repay and say thanks in a way that you know how appreciative I am is through my decadent delights, my amazing art, my masterful mastercrafts and my magical masterpieces.

Today Pricasso put to work his finest donkey hair brush, highest quality silkiest of canvasses, magical fingers and freshest of skunk juice paint and in your honor and dedicated to you @ned a very special thank you for all you have done for me personally and this Stellar Steemit community. Pricasso just had to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU, the only way Pricasso knows how..


Was that not just spectacular? I trust you enjoyed this magical masterpiece as much as Pricasso did creating it. If you have anyone that you would like to nominate for a Pricasso style masterpiece all you need do is ask and Pricasso shall gladly do so.

Be blessed
Yours Always

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