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Creepy bugger, eh?


Charcoal is my favorite drawing tool lately.
It is black, you can fill acres of paper with it in seconds, it smudges easily, and it's black.
Did I mention it is black? Because it is.
And the drawback is - it not only the sheets of paper makes black.
Hands, desk, my chair, my cat, even my bathtub is black now.




It wasn't shiny enough, so I ... Fuck it, lets acryl it a little!

Da GiF:


I love this alien design so much :D And that gif makes him look really animated XD Cool drawing !

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Looking good! I've tried using charcoal myself but I just can't seem to get the effect I want with it. Just gotta keep at it I guess.

I love this! I also enjoy charcoal a lot because it's messy and it makes me feel artsy haha.

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You do some fine work. Shading is spot on! Nice!

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