Draw on Blockchain : Chinese Culture Project EP11 Illustration (prelude) 樂筆詩塾第11期插圖(先行預覧)

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This is my drawing for the coming Chinese Culture Project. And this post is publish through SteemPress. I had just set up the theme and so please have a look too :) (Still look very simple, I am doing migration, copying post to WP xD)

This week is a sad poet. Not trusted by the Emperor and put into jail. He used cicadidae to compare his silver hair at the golden period of a scholar. And he linked the foggy in Autumn to the corrupting political environment, in which the sound of cicadidae can't be listen, and the dew makes it difficult to fly.





Process 過程



I split the framing into two part. One is cicadidae and one is the poet. The poet looking at the tree outside. And you may find there is a very little cicadidae on the tree. I draw a scholar suit for the poet in the draft, and I found it is weird as he is in jail and so I changed it to the white jail suit.

So, please come and see the colour version, the appreciation and MV too~










Thank you for passing by. This post is available on :







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I must admit that it is a very beautiful painting in addition to the tone of silver hair looks great with the reflection of the light that could be the moon


I didn't think of reflection of light of moon :O You make the scene more moody <3 Thank you!



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