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  The government moved to the field of subtle

Prime Minister level and uncomfortable, I felt immediately
Cold Minister Dr.
Sent. He arrived the next day
Military permission is a little difficult because the first batch of people displaced
Already more than 130 government-led rescue ...

The military, and more than 130 people trapped in the fighting rescue

fighting frog township purchased a mining town Pergamon village out of 134 people were blocked in the military agreed to issue a government led out of the start today issued requests for Social Welfare, Relief and resettlement, Deputy Minister U Soe Aung said
"The government's leadership and today's rescue. In its list of 136 members. But one woman and not want to go back and say 134 people are helping to evacuate. They'll အင်းတော်ကြီး immediately. And then I'll Mai city. But we can not sell the list as well, "the Deputy Minister said.

In addition, the government bought Pergamon village Cajun people were blocked in some villages in the township has been able to arrange to evacuate were blocked.

"I'll consider the insurer, since those who were blocked. Moment the mine and Cajun priorities are being carried out, "said Deputy Minister Soe Aung said.

Pergamon buyer to rescue people trapped in villages led by multi-denominational Christian relief group on 4 May across the state's permission to visit, but had to cancel the trip because of the military's ban on aid.

Social welfare, Cold relief and resettlement, Union Minister Dr် since May 5, at the Myitkyina Myitkyina arrived todaysupport the displaced camps.

Union Pergamon save the people trapped in the village to buy out Kachin youths he had been asked to issue in order to know the condition of the ground and come to negotiate with the relevant in Asia.

"The young people requested inverter buyer to rescue people trapped in villages have been the Army's transition. For young people who left young request, whatever you want to bring a secure place says. A federal matter. In this work we


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