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Hello Steemians ,

How everybody doing i missed you all , it's been a long time since i posted here and im sorry ive been busy dealing with life , I'm glad to be back to the steemit community and i will try to stay consistant :) so today i'm going to share with you painting of a girl "Haleigh Broucher" , i'm a bit rusty but i hope you like it and i'll see you in the next one

Haleigh Broucher f 2 .jpg

Tip: how to add skin texture

  1. create a new layer above you painting fill it with mid grey and set the layer mode to overlay


  1. Add noise filter (filter>noise> add noise)


  1. Add a layer mask and fill it with black then paint with white over the skin to add texture , adjust opacity of the layer to 50%


Hope this was helpful :)


Haleigh Broucher part 1.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 2.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 3.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 4.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 5.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 6.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 7.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 8.jpg

Haleigh Broucher part 9.jpg

Haleigh Broucher f 2 .jpg

Thank you all for your support :)


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Glad to have you back! :)

Welcome back! You were missed!

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