"Taurus" - A quick original character sketch (with process timelapse).

in #artzone4 years ago (edited)



Taurus is a gentle girl at heart, she might look a little dangerous on the outside (especially when she's wielding her rather large cursed ebony sword) but she probably won't hurt you - as long as you don't stare at her for too long, she doesn't like that...




Let's have a blast together, follow me! :D

I would love to see a more clear version of this character. She seems really badass.

Yeah me too haha, I was considering rendering her out in better detail, but I also just wanted to keep her super sketchy and start something new - struggles of art life lol.

woow woot i'm a taurus and I approve! Its coming out great!!! this is your original character and i can see it being a great concept for a game! I like the muddy are on the bottom, looks like dust and adds a lot of dynamic movement!

Awesome work, @joxus! Very beautiful!

She sounds like she could be a Taurus for sure! Love the art, @joxus!

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