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The story

Today, I was playing with steempress plugin in order to connect both steemit and my website. Unfortunatly, this comes to nothing.
Then I received a push notification from my friend @mathowl informing me that something went wrong in my blog.
A horrible mark of my attempt to connect both platforms was published by mistake in my beautiful blog.
-Oh my god! My reputation!! I claimed :)

So, I shift into ZULU mode, and, as I have been a software developer long time ago, I know how your brain can save unexpected situations when you get into ZULU mode Release Candidate Delivery. Coffee, turn off phones, turn off internet and just you and the Mark Down Editor. Buddhist Concentration, man, you only have 30 minutes to fix this situation if you don't wont to became a Plankton III again!

The Workout

Sometime ago, I make a bande dessinée that is a comic. Well, I only did one page.
but I realized that I could finish it. I only wanted to test my capabilities as comic writter.

Here are some sketches of the process:

Draw in a unclassified paper

I don't know why, but the best sketches I have made in my life are always done in anonymous pieces of paper. Like the envelopes, the napkins of the bar a paper in the kitchen. Those pieces of paper contains unusual sketch treasures, the more irrelevant the sheet of paper is, the more you can find a jewel in it. Sheet of paper with Olive oil marks are just incredible. So, I used to collect plenty of them until my inspiration decide to work.

Here are some examples:

spider 2.jpg
Parents escaping from disastrous son

chico con mama 2.jpg
mom castrating her son


When the drawing is finished, that is, it has a good mix of irony, good stroke and dark side, then we are ready to inking it. Sometimes, an unexpected stroke of ink changes everything. It is an art I will never masterize, so, when I entered into those troubled waters,I do not know how I'm going to get out. Maybe, the story takes a new direction.

jim morrison 2.jpg

"Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection, send my credentials to the house of detention." (Jim Morrison, When the music is over, 1969)

The Layout

Then I copy again all the drawings into the big paper. And I begin again the whole process: Drawing and inking.

pagina 1 A4 buena pequeño.jpg

Memories of an Idiot, summer culpability

Finaly, lettering:

pagina 1 A4 buena pequeño 2.jpg

Maybe, someday I will come again to my Idiot and finish it. I don't now. For instance, my Idiot has helped me to solve this obfuscating situation.

Have fun!

PD: This is not the post I promess to my inspiring artists @veryspider and @scrawly. I am working on it, stay tuned!


Wow, you make comic stuff as well ! This is very cool, @javier.dejuan ! :D Love the step by step, also :D

Your inking and shading is so on point <3

I wonder if you have found out the error and fixed it now? I hope so ^^.

"Mom castrating her son" sounds so ominous XD. But it's funny that you draw better the more inconsequential piece of paper you use, though I think even on good paper, you will still draw very well.

This one page of comic is very lovely, Javier. It shows a panel of landscape, people arguing, a car, and everything is drawn nicely with good perspective. My favourite panel is when he was laying on his bed, thinking, shot from the ceiling. Love it <3.

Yes.. I had to produce this Emergency post! to save my blog feed.. Btw, I was sure you 're gonna get into one of my delicious captions, lol.
Yes "Mom castrating her son". This could be the beginning of a serial of posts XD. Father is a dictator, furious and distant, mother is nice, dedicated, taking care of her son but not the son.. See what I mean? Both, father and mother are guilty of the misadventures of my Idiot.

Probably could be humiliating her son, but sometimes a questionable translation makes the story even better :)

Thank you @ecoinstant! I have a French version and a Spanish version. Mothers in those countries are mostly "castrator" ones . "Castration" is a psychoanalyst theory. Typical from narcissistic parents where children are no more than flowers vases. In a narcissistic family, children are not human beings, they are "things" that belong to their parents, like the car or the dog. In this situation, children don't develop the necessary capabilities of the self. They constantly refer to their parents to take decisions in life, because, they were not given the opportunity to decide by themselves. "Shut up and do what I tell you to do". This sentences is well known from adults being suffered a narcissistic parent. Nevertheless, this phenomenon is more popular in Catholic countries than in Protestant countries. For a narcissistic father, his son is a "genius", as long as he does what the father wants him to do. This behavior produces high quality idiots.

The healing begins when the adult child realizes that he is an idiot and assumes that his place in the world is not what his father had promised.

For more references, psychotherapist Alice Miller has written a very interesting book "The Drama of the Gifted child".

This is very interesting analysis. I would love to take a look at the spanish version, but I can wait for a future reveal if necessary.

I have seen that 'genius' sons often feel trapped by parental pressure. I think I had a different childhood, I was labelled intelligent, then I ran away to South America.

My parents did not think I was a genius after that ;-p

Spanish Version. I hope you can read it:
pagina 1 scan limpio español RC 1.jpg

Very interesting! I like your art style, and the story is contained to one page, though your extra analysis here helped me for sure.

Would you ever consider continuing this as a series? I suspect there is more to unpack in Churrito's growth ;p

Well, this page was laying somewhere in my messy archives.. If an interest is detected, for sure, I could dedicate some times to my Idiot :)

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I too have done the only serviceable art in my life on dry-erase boards, napkins or the reverse side of recycled printer paper. You hit it out of the park with this one, makes me want to enlarge the comic and translate panel by panel. Is that portugés?

French or Spanish. But I can translate into English. Just let me know what do you prefer.

Checking out the spanish now, thank you for that quick upload. ;p

I've been told that my spanish is pretty good : )

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