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Photo image is found. State Counselor Assembly Hall 0, I show respect for others to stand up in it the same, but deliberately did not stand upright Sit ခပ်တည်တည် those pictures .... At first, I was angry. "These people" attitude အဲဒီလောက်တောင်.
*** "President welcoming ceremony" was the privilege of watching television news. President U Win Myint, spread the red carpet. The president will come to the house of the high court is waiting to welcome her standing next to the red carpet, I gaze at a screen story. In fact, across the tread from the red carpet into the presidential palace 0 was not coming, he should too. She just wanted the public how to explain what they think. *** The book Constitutional restrictions are to be "president" where no higher court of Suu Kyi, who became President of the road with a humble gesture red carpet trail waiting to stand on the sidelines, how does brighten the screen. President U Win Myint arrived. They spoke of mutual respect group of images in a peaceful wood. They are such a mutual respect, Role Without pride and resentment will continue to rule this country go together. They strive to improve the country. *** I see in the photo image of Aung San Suu Kyi did not want to give his units sit ခပ်တည်တည် are satisfied in their mind, they are satisfied with being able to do so it would otherwise be. Namely, "You are a leader, we take care Hey break" decor ratio indicator they are even proud that you may want to think about. Such thoughts, This work must be about his own attitude. *** So ... What is the world really proud attitude. Arrogant frivolous attitude of mutual respect and humble yourself without self pride attitude. Inspiration came စိတ်တွေက gesture What Who would laugh စကားလုံးမဲ့ description.


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