Hyperrealism DRAWING of a Guitarist 🎸

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Hello folks, your favorite artist @guchidan is finally here again, hope we are all good? this is one of my latest project i have being working on, it's Actually a commissioned work, i started this work last week and am happy i completed it today, it's an HYPERREALISM drawing. This work gave me goosebumps and so much head aches, most espessially that guitar, up to the extent i almost had an accident on this work, nevertheless i was still able to take alot of progress shots while working, and no accident occurred again, i hope you enjoy my shots as you go further.




-Charcoal on paper
-Graphite pencil HB
-Kneaded Eraser
-Cotton bud
-Artist paint brush
This were the materals i used in achieving this great work

Final piece


original pics


please forgive my camera quality, some of the images below where taking at different interval so you might see a variation in them.

Here are my progress shot





shot 3






shot 6


shot 7


shot 8


shot 9


shot 10


shot 11


shot 12


shot 13


shot 14


shot 15


shot 16


shot 17


shot 18


shot 19


shot 20


shot 21








drawing Tips

1 when shading ensure a paper is below your palm so as to avoid your hand prints on the work.
-2 Before you start a work ensure your hands are properly clean if possible wash you hands with soap 😁 because dirty hands can staine sensitive areas of your work
-3 avoid to much pressure on your paper
-4 When you get tired try and rest
-5 Avoid eating or drinking while working😁😁.

Thanks for checking my post hoping to see you again

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great work. is it just me or, does his face look small?

Says the amateur art critic. hahahahaha


Ahahahhaaahhaja @nurseanne84 the face isn't small dear, the work is being scaled so thats just it.


ok. no harm done I hope. says the amateur art critic. hahahahahaha


Ahahhahahhaha all critics are allowed you never can tell you might point out a blunder and i could learn from it☺, it's welcomed anytime.

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This is real good. Keep it up. When im i getting my own sketch? @guchidan


Thanks my sister @ajorundon when you ready i fit make your own 😂 😂 besides we they naija so to transport am to you no go be wahala 😁😁


You too much...👍

Lovely portrait painting, @guchidan. You have excellent skills. Great work on the post, as well!


Thanks @trincowski the work really took so much of my time, but i'm really glad my client totally loved it.

Very nice drawing, @guchidan ! It really looks very realistic and well drawn ! The detailing and the shading are very wonderfully done and you presented a very thorough step by step process !


thanks dear it wasn't, easy drawing and snapping but i just took it upon my self to take as many progress shots as possible, i am so glad you loved it 😄 @veryspider

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