Ballpen Art: Nostalgia

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Hey! Steemit universe. Your ballpen artist is here again. Here's an art I titled _NOSTALGIA _ because at that point my life in school I really missed home and had this longing to go home. I thought I should share Hope you can relate to my story I also found a poem that really relate to what I was feeling. Poem by Ada Limón
IMG_20160912_101257 (2).jpg

Poem by Ada Limón
No shoes and a glossy
red helmet, I rode
on the back of my dad’s
Harley at seven years old.
Before the divorce.
Before the new apartment.
Before the new marriage.
Before the apple tree.
Before the ceramics in the garbage.
Before the dog’s chain.
Before the koi were all eaten
by the crane. Before the road
between us, there was the road
beneath us, and I was just
big enough not to let go:
Henno Road, creek just below,
rough wind, chicken legs,
and I never knew survival
was like that. If you live,
you look back and beg
for it again, the hazardous
bliss before you know
what you would miss.

Sorry guys I was so overwhelmed by the drawing I realized I didn't take the step-by-step progress shot
It was a quick one just really to let my feelings out
I started from here though

Shot from afar

@c-squared @c-cubed @veryspider @moncia90

Thanks for viewing
See you in my next post!


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I like the way you describe your sensation using a poet poem, lovely post, I resteem it ♥️

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Thank you @noemulunastorta I appreciate

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