Ballpen Art: Adaku the foodie

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Hey! Steemit Universe it's been a while.... But I'm back with another piece.. Check it out.... it was a quick one not too big.

Done with ballpen(Biro) and Needlepoint paper

Here are highlights of the progress

  1. Started outlining with pencil using the grids to aid in proportions then some light shading

  2. Then I do hatching to give a kind of foundation.... This makes the shading easier and faster. Then I crosshatch to get my dark shades and other details

  3. More progress crosshatching


  1. Final result.... Adding a background shade using the same shading technique crosshatching

Thank you for viewing
See you in my next post
Enjoy your day

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You are really a true artist. No one can ignore the expression of this brilliant portrait.

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I’ve always been so impressed with cross-hatching, I’ve never attempted it myself. The added inability of erasing a ball-point is even better—great piece @ebene06.

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