🎨 /DRAWING/ 🍃 Cool Breezes 🌻 /BY: SEAH @dusoleil/ 🙆‍♀

in #artzone • 5 years ago

Uff... The combination of the weather when it is cloudy and cool is something magical for me. Even more when it only rains and is wet today.

In this drawing I wanted to capture it, plus I added one of my favorite flowers; a beautiful sunflower.

. . .

Meanwhile, a little bit of the procedure:

I hope my favorite weather returns soon :) ... and I hope you liked it too! <3
See you soon! xoxo 💕


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Lovely picture you made. There is sun, love and above all peace and hormony in it. 😍

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Thanks n.n

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oh, wow seriously, thank you very much! <3

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