It’s so fun to make art in a totally different style than you’re used to!

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I’ve been wanting to make a new sculpture for a while and this finally happened thanks to some magical visits from my good friend @molassess_ . On the first weekend she came over from Florida we went to a Picasso exhibit that showed how he was inspired by African art. Though I appreciate what he did for the world of art, breaking from the norm n boring expectations, what really inspired me from that museum show where all the trippy African masks.

So by Tiffany’s next visit (last weekend) I was prepared with some “super sculpy” (a kind of slow drying clay) and a box of old toys and little funky objects I gathered on the road. I had a blast making this futuristic ancient tribal mask, I think he’s very unique! Still gotta give him a name, any suggestions? #artisfun #art #sculpture #futureprimitive #foundibjects #africaninspired #mask #africanmask

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Excuse for my comment. I am giving away my upvotes to people who will listen and leave their comment especially those who will make a video reflections posted in @dlive.

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Oh I absolutely love your sculpture! I use to play with sculpy clay all the time. I even have a box of old feet and hands from abandoned dolls. Never would have thought to combine the two. I have been wondering where they would end up. I was thinking resin but you may have inspired a different direction.
I ordered some clock works thinking to build a funky "grandfather" type clock. You really have me thinking now.

Hi chrisdyer,

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It is so very unique and creative of you. Its always is fun to try something different from what we are used to.

I love the sculpture, alot of funky stuff going on there! It truly is futuristic...

Hello this is very creative, i like the mix between the futurist figurines and the ancients tribal style mask:) The result looks really cool

My name suggestion is "Clamantorque" lol!
A combination of clay, man, toy and torque. I guess not an awesome name. But its all I can think of Chris!
What would you name it?

By the way, its one of a kind art indeed!
Fantastic work of art!

@chrisdyer Excellent art style you chose for this piece. It is marine and unique. I like it. I love African art. I really like African women's pieces. They are super adorable. Your piece is varied. You achieved a great result by including several objects. I congratulate you for your great impiracion thanks to the great help of your friend and the visit to the Picasso exhibition. A big greeting.

Stunning one! If the watch still work it will be a cool clock too x)

Looking at this unusual and unique art piece made me remember someone I knew once. He's been making raptors and all kind of science fiction vehicles from everything he can put his hands on, like broken toys, beer bottle caps and so on.
I admire you for your imagination and patience! This is not easy to do but it's rewarding :) Well done, I love what I see and call it recycling art!

Hey @chrisdyer, it is nice to see this modern style art but still reminding the old traditional african face mask. I agree, it is not the type of sculpture but the idea of creating by using daily stuff that probably everyone has somewhere at home. Like I recognise hte "Mickey mouse" watch, I have the same and it is on my shelf already for many years, not really working but it is just a sweet memory of childhood so I keep it. Obviously you have two of them and that fits simmetrically into your sculpture. Great imagination and creativity,

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture

Hey Chris , what the heck did you smoked, when you building this? 😀 ;-)

That’s a really crazy piece of art what you had build here. Remindes me a little bit on a series that is saw last days. „Toys that made us“ ...

But let’s get serious. I really can imagine how much effort you spend in this piece to build it up 👌and it looks very unique! So that’s a good job 👍

Engulfer of Toys ✌️😀

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how many flea markets did you have to hit to get all that material?
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oh my, what a creative way of showing different art. The sculpture very unique but the hand a bit scary tho hahaha. In total you used how many pieces of recycle objects and toys for this sculptures? Wondering, when you build this sculptures, do you have a draft in your mind or you just build it with instinct, used whatever toys and you have.
Fantastic and amazing piece of art

haha! howdy from Texas chisdyer! wow this is an amazing mask you got here. I'm sure that I would be safe in saying that this is a one of a kind! lol. Very interesting and unique with so much going on that I could study it for an hour! great job.
How long did it take to do this mask anyway and are you going to be showing others?

What an interesting sculpture. I like those big and small hands a lot, I think they are the ones that define this piece of artwork, I'm not sure why. I also like that one eyeball which is framed in a cage, hehehe that's cute.
Congratulations on your curie vote :).        

This one seems like it could star in a clay monster themed movie. The level of imagination approached to different levels of weirdness. It looks interesting that it's an unusual art piece. Like horror and whimsy put together.

Really neat, @chrisdyer !!! This is simultaneously very YOU and also very ... new from you hahaha :D Amazing !!!

What a creative piece! I love the pops of color. Resteemed.

Now - THIS is SOMETHING ! I love it

Woah! I used to love action figures when I was a kid, I would play with them in my room....

As such I think this should be named 'Actioneer Mask', full of all the action coming off of every piece that went in!

I love the ninja turtle arm with spoon! XD

LOL, it looks like part of my childhood gone wrong....
There's my name for it, the Child Hood The CH on the hart even matches...
I love it you mixed in so many mediums, the African masks were a great inspiration, This should do the trick and scare off all of those childhood evil spirits... (either that or induce nightmares...)