Las Torres del Silencio, Caracas

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Las Torres del Silencio

In this complex in the center of Caracas two twin towers of 32 floors stand out, exceeding 100 meters in height. In the mid-1950s, the city's first skyscrapers were used to mark the transition from a rural country to an urban, modern, industrial and oil country.

32 floors high that gave it the merit of being the first skyscraper in Caracas and until then unique in the country built in steel.


The towers of the Simón Bolívar Center are its official name, but they are known as Torres del Silencio because they are close to the El Silencio area. On December 6, 1955 The construction was completed.

They are defined as a functionalist architecture that includes the idea of ​​the integration of the arts. They were the symbol of the national identity, of a country that left its agricultural condition to oil country, when beginning its industrialization.

The Towers are imposed as an aesthetic symbol of modernity and the condition of the country's long-term project.

Each building is suspended in the air on the ground, on stilts. The people of Caracas move under them along the free floors without hindering their operation; the roof is flat, to take advantage of the use of its terraces; the piles allow the free plants, the symmetrical space is rigorous.

The towers are made up of two parallelepipeds that rise gracefully above the rectangular volume, formed by a system of squares, corridors, porticos, portals, commercial areas and underground parking lots; this set is crossed by the avenue Bolivar.

The towers occupied the title of the tallest building in Venezuela until the construction of the Central Park Towers on the same road axis in the city of Caracas.


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