Inward Eyes

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Life is a journey from our physical eyes perceiving duality and separation
into our inner eye, the pineal gland activating the vision,
opening the gateway into the unity consciousness.
From there we have to continue our journey downward, to our hearts,
to truly taste the awakening into the ancient remembering
of the magnificence of who we truly are.
We are expanding into cosmic awareness and universal love,
the experience of our multi-dimensional self.
The ancient dreamer awakens...
close your eyes and see your light...
The journey leads through the darkness...

#inward eyes.jpg

This is my older colored pencil drawing,
a study of ancient Egyptian art.
You can find some of the art products with it here:

Lucette Bourdin - Great is the Sun from Hans-Jürgen Kellers on Vimeo.

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Loved the drawing very well done, and the music with the video was awesome.


glad you like! I highly recommend to explore the entire "Golden Sun" album, and all the rest of her work;)

Of course I've known that work of yours from before.
The video I was not aware of - but Lucette Bourdin posted her work on the Earth Mantra label, and I had downloaded some of her ambient music. I guess they call themselves Bandcamp now.
She died of breast cancer in 2011. Sad.
upvoted, resteemed and shared


Thank you for your support!;)
Yess.. I am familiar with her work for a long time as well.. she surely left behind a lot of great inspiration! Album "Golden Sun" and "Radiant Stars" are some of my favorites!

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