Swimming with whales

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Digital mixed media by Giovani Zanolino @ArtZanolino

Swimming with whales

Well well whale!
Fancy seeing you here...
I just went for a free dive.
To see you from the depths appear.

Will I survive to tell the tale?
Nothing like facing ones mortality and fear...
To enjoy the sensation of feeling alive.
Come join me for the Powwow.

No place better then here
No time better than NOW


Bonus animations

6ECDC58A-8898-45F5-A4F9-477E71F1E370.gifEclectric whale by @ArtZanolino

485FDC26-94D2-4528-B9F9-18F122678005.gif Go deep by @ArtZanolino


Thanks for checking out my artworks and poem, I’ve been posting from my phone so I’m keeping ‘em simple.

Going without a computer for the last week and a half has really put some things back into perspective. My move from traditional materials to digital has been so all out, that I’ve become dependant off of my computer for output...

Not only does this make me want to upgrade my systems to inlcuding a desktop to my laptop, but also to start running my atelier like back in the day again, with a.o pastels, paints and materials for collage.

I’m excited at the prospects of combining all my different backgrounds, techniques and passions into new and improved works. For now I’m limited to an i-phone, but where there’s a will there’s a way.


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Hi..how are you? I understand you :( I am posting whit my phone since 2 weeks!
Your poem is like Steemit Ocean ;). I like your Whale art....is original and colourful. Send to you a big hugh....

Digital work is lots of fun, and produces interesting results, but the human hand and heart, creating with palpable materials, is still where the greatest magic resides. Just my opinion.

Exactly the important thing is not to stop for those drawbacks! It's simple but beautiful your poem, thanks for sharing

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loving the whales homie!!! These collages are so nice and vibrant it feels like i'm in a dream.... or an awesome trip :)

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