Serenity , Original Drawing 🎨

in artzone •  2 months ago

drawing by pen on paper

finally finished :) ,,, it's some time i am working on this drawing, and finally finished today
we always hear nature is the best inspiration, i use it for this work, i inspired by a rock
actually it wasn't my target to inspire by a rock, but i couldn't resist .... when i watch it
sometimes i need to think ,,and sometimes i decide what i want to draw in some minutes, and it happened for this one,



steps :

i started to draw with holes on the rock



here is a gif :)



there is always a story behind a drawing






my completed Tarot cards till today

The Major Arcana - The Star XVII
The Major Arcana - THE SUN XIX
The Major Arcana - The MAGICIAN I
The Major Arcana - The HANGED MAN XII
The Major Arcana - STRENGHT VIII
The Major Arcana - Wheel of Fortune X
The Major Arcana - VI LOVERS
The Major Arcana - The High Priestess II

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Beautiful piece, @adelepazani ! The pose is done so well, and the way you shade and define forms are simply amazing <3

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


thank you <3

I can imagine this took you ages to draw! But it was worth it! The detail is amazing! Thank you for sharing!


hi @delishtreats thank you very much :)

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Gorgeous as usual, I love the contour lines. I wish I looked that good sitting on a rock :)


Lovely! Super beautiful! The details are breathtaking! You are truly a gem😍😍😍👏👏👏👏


thank you very much christian :) <3

a truly valuable design, great quality in the details and in the sign my most sincere compliments!


thank you so much @armandosodano :)

Amazing details! :D


thank you @kymio :)

Really nice, congrats!


thank you very much :)

What a great work. Those details are incredibly good! Wow! 😊


thank you so much @trincowski :)

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nice! thank you so much

Hola adelepazani, increíble dibujo muy bien realizado y muy complejo y laborioso por los trazos en todos los detalles, enhorabuena.


hi :) , id don't understand , anyway thank you for the comment :)


Sorry, Hello Adelepazani, incredible drawing very well done and very complex and laborious by the strokes in all details, congratulations.


:) thank you so much for your nice comment and translation , @vincenteajb

wow wow wow I liked it !!!
I dream of being able to make such beautiful drawings one day!


hahahh, thank you @artizm , <3

I do love a drawing with good story! :) Wonderful as usual, great pose and the detail of "rock" is well done.


thank you so much <3

Love the fine details - I will have to get into this myself soon, since I promised to do a panel in a cooperative project where this technique is employed.
upvoted, resteemed.


thank you very much Otto :) , that would be nice , i'm looking forward to see it


time and motivation, but a promse is a promise, so yes, I am to do this ASAP

Wow, a lot of patients putted in here :o
great work my friend, the pose, the woman expression and the techniques are very well done, they gives a great feeling ^^


vaaay cheghad ghashange


Fantastic composition!
(Would be great if you take a look of my latest drawings)