Ship on a cliff. Drawing

in artzone •  7 months ago

I did a little series a while back with ships/boats. I'm not sure if I will post the others, this one "ship on a cliff" is probably the best. I believe it to be a very delicate looking drawing. I rarely leave any part of the paper blank, so this is quite different from what I normally do.

You'll notice a lot of isolation in my drawings. This one is certainly no exception. It's still pretty damn cold here in Chicago so I thought this drawing would go well with the cold feeling.


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This one is beautiful! I actually like it more that you left some part blank, giving the whole picture a stronger contrast and focus. I can imagine this one on a mug or t shirt :).


Great Post! I love your artwork

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AWESOME. I bet there's even more detail than I can see here, but the rough structure of it really stands out. I'm curious to know what your personal criteria is on here for what to post and what to withold--I have tons of stuff I could post, but am unsure about most of it.

Do you find it overall more effective to categorize these mainly as @artzone rather than just "art?"


Thanks. I wish I had a high res scan of this one. As far as what I post to what I set aside... I'm not sure exactly. There are some older pieces that I just think are complete shit. But maybe eventually I should post them anyways, everyone has different tastes.

Yeah I started added the tag artzone, I don't really know what I'm doing on here exactly... So I think it is helping. It seems that just putting in under 'art' gets buried among others. I could be wrong.


I hear you. Maybe the main difference between us in this posting situation is that I'd be lying if I said I was done even learning the ropes, and may not pass that point in the next month or two. What's your experience in general with others viewing these sketches you find less worthy?

I hadn't thought of a tag as obvious as "art" potentially burying things to the point of it having less exposure. I'll consider that strongly now. I nearly always add artzone, but I normally put "art" as the first tag since it categorizes it as such and early on I assumed that'd be the most visited one. So many decisions....


@achristopherart is a detail wizard!

@trickstergod, idk what browser you use, but in Chrome, you can right click an image to open it in a new tab where you can zoom for a slightly closer look. Other browsers might have similar/better features. For more about artzone, check out @gee1's quick and informative post explaining how @artzone/#artzone came to be.


@enternamehere Thanks for this! Yeah, I am able to get slightly more detail on some pictures(and tons more if it leads to a direct image link.) I read the @artzone post and will read it again very soon.

Love this one, @achristopherart :D the sense of being perched at the precipice really accentuate the sense of isolation... and i love the details, as usual <3

upvotes and resteems

Yes, do please post the others. This is a cool technique you have going.

Damn this looks so creative crisp and detailed.I envy your concept.
I also make art I thought we could be friends and help each other grow,follow for FOLLOW?


Thank you, and of course.

This would make an incredible tattoo....


Well if you need a high resolution image of it and want to get it tattooed let me know!