Devoid. Pen drawing.

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I started this drawing while waiting to board my plane in Chicago. I ended up finishing it in Madrid. I'm staying with my homie Sergio in an underground apartment. It's technically not even an apartment 'legally'.


9x12" pen on paper.



Couple of detail shots.

I enjoyed drawing this piece quite a bit. I also love Madrid, I've been here many times. I'm glad I escaped the Chicago winter madness they currently have.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 2.11.02 PM.png

This is my buddy Sergio. Holding a print that I sent to Berlin. This dude cooks great food. Smokes wayyyy too much weed, and can cook some tasty stuff.

This piece is available here if you are interested:

Thanks for having a look,
Stay grim,
Copyright @achristopherart. All Rights Reserved.

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What is it then if it's technically not an apartment? :D Do you live in dungeon or so? :D

To your drawing.. I wonder, are these 'things' going in the creature or out of the creature? ;) That would be very interesting to know.. for the rest, you amazed me again with your great detail :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend in Madrid!


That's exactly what we call it. A dungeon. I believe the 'things' are coming out of the character.

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awesome work - inspires me to use ink some more - and maybe carry a sketchbook. I have a artist friend who does all the time, sketches with a Mont Blanc ballpoint pen.
Your text is funny, but smoking weed and being a good cook does go hand in hand.
About Madrid (and Chicago winter) - I can relate, worked in Canada outdoors for 40 years!
Have you ever gone to Toledo? 1/2 hour from Madrid by train - I love that place!


40 years outside in Canada... Yes, you know how it is. And yeah, I have been to Toledo, it is awesome.


Toledo - I was in a great exhibition there, 2013 - photos on Flickr: Dreams & Divinities in Toledo


That's beautiful man. I hope to have more public shows soon.

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