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  ·  last year (edited)

I like, what software did you use?

I actually used five different types of software...two of which are online editors. Will write a post about them sometime! :)

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The second image looks too unnatural to me. My expectations are dashed. An interesting element, though, is the change I'm the spoon's composition from good to bronze.

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Some might argue the best part of abstract art is how unnatural it can feel. Taking something realistic and changing the usual perspective. Although not really the most drastic of before/after differences the subtle changes seemed to be the most appropriate for this piece.

Thank you for your comment... :)

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This two pictures show how the same object turns abstract with an intelligent view..... Very good job! Well done! Thank you for sharing and this chance to win!

The before image is great, but WOW, the second image looks ... magical. Thanks for sharing your art work. Have a blessed day!

Thank you! Magical is a very good impression to make... :D

Firstly, I thought it is a drawing... Secondly, it looks like a table napkin.. :)

And finally, the spoon is so sharp that it looks magically.. it reminded me on the movie Matrix... "there is no spoon" thing..

Keep up the good work!

Loving the matrix reference...it never occurred to me but the sense of bending reality certainly fits the mood of the piece. Thank you :)

Looks cool. The coffee cup would be a nice illustration in a book. I've been absent socializing for a while. I hope you are doing alright. It's nice to see you posting.

Thank you...an illustration book would be lovely. It's not always easy to be social...lol. <3 <3 <3

I think I came by this technology some months ago and was stunned by the results of AI composed pictures. After reflecting a bit on it I wondered weather these kinds of developments would actually threaten the jobs of creative people. A strange thought at first because it always seemed intuitively preposterous to suggest that artists could lose their jobs due to AI. Sure, AI was well underway of getting a foothold in areas of autonomic driving or automation processes, but the creative realm?!

There are many artists who actually work this way. Taking pictures and edit them to create a slightly or completely altered version of the original image. So what does an artist do in this workflow? What is the creative part of him or her or to put it in another way: can AI's be creative?

I think here is the difference. AI's might be able to create fantastic art which is very well comparable to human artists, but in the end it is still programmed to do this. An artist should be able to provoke the observer, should be able to make a person think which is something that comes about from a creative insight. Can AI's have creative insights? I doubt it. But that doesn't necessarily mean that their art is worse or not creative (the very word creative suggests a process of creation).

I guess in the end it also comes down to what such art does with the observer. If it has provoked, conveyed a creative insight, then it does not really matter if it is from an AI or a human artist. I guess we will have to wait if the museums of tomorrow will house the next Picasso reincarnated in an AI.

All of these thoughts have occurred to me as well. I haven't encountered anyone yet who flat out expressed their opinion that AI art is not 'real art'...but this is bound to happen eventually.

Using this kind of technology to compose artistic creations is newer territory. The way I see it...using a program that happens to be AI to generate details...is not much different from using an editor like Adobe or Paintshop Pro. These are highly respected programs that also perform actions based on human input and no one questions the authenticity of what they produce.

Some people seem to think that using the dream generator is super easy and basically effortless. While you can get some 'good' results within minutes...it does take quite a bit of work to get 'great' results. I follow a pattern which is the very essence of programming the computer to achieve a similar result each time.

Because of the amount of post processing required to bring the standard of quality up...I consider this artwork a collaboration and a very entertaining and fulfilling one at that. It will be fascinating to see how the climate and perception changes and like you say...how future museums and collectors will value AI assisted art!

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I have three impressions--the longer I looked the more my view of the abstract morphed. The final was that the cup(and saucer) and the background had somehow merged and the cup was in danger of sinking into the background. In the first picture the cup and saucer seem distinct from it.
My second impression (forgive me) was of a kind of overgrowth by a microorganism, sort of a cubic biofilm that colonized everything.
My first impression reminded me of parched skin, like the cracking earth of an arid desert. The swirling effect kind of negated that sense as I looked more closely.
That's it... if I looked longer I'd see more. But I'll stop now.
An interesting picture.

I am happy to see any and all interpretations! Also very intrigued how you have described your impressions. Thank you for sharing them :)

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Hello @creativesoul, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Whatever you have done with the second image looks so cool. May you be able to sell your products.

Thank you! <3

  ·  last year (edited)

I had a friend in my graduate level Independent Oil Painting Crit Group who used to do ultra High Resolution oil paintings of cars mostly. inside and out ...
The spoon reminds me of the chrome work he did and the material the leather seats and suede covered items. Of course what took him 60 hours to do your doing with the right tools 6 mins...lol

Sublimely beautiful none the less.... But it does not evoke my soul...

This piece to me is like a study one needs to do in any tutorial, where you take a stock image and apply different filters to earn something,.

Good for mass marking in coffee shops if thats what your after.

btw the above was first sketched with pencil on good old paper...then digitized cleaned up airbrushed, drop shadowed, blended smoothed, deformed the text and signed....
jst like this one ...lol

Lol...I do agree how this one will probably not evoke much of anything soul stirring. It's a still life and very tutorial-esque. My mom has actually been asking for coffee cup art to put in her kitchen for years...so I finally made something she can easily purchase. For career level work...I would definitely start from scratch and put a lot more of myself into the piece. This project is meant to be a fun and easy way to do something creative and also feel productive while dealing with health issues that currently prevent more complicated works. Even so...one or two hours per piece are spent on post processing and fine tuning. Hopefully the completed collection will bring in some modest passive income down the road. Thank you for stopping in to share your thoughts! <3