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Hello everyone!

I will highly appreciate if you resteem this post! Thank you in advance!

I missed you a lot and I think I am ready for a new wave for ARTstyleARt contest!

And I already have a great idea for the new theme.

But first I would like to recollect and share amazing works from the previous contests.

The first theme for ARTstyleART 1 was Impressionism.

I also suggested the photo for the contest. That photo was made at the garden of Claudet Monet in Giverny, so it was symbolic for Impressionism contest. But the participants could also use their references.

Here is the video from ARTstyleART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!

Thank you, my dear participants! I miss you!

This was the invitation:

Artists were constantly in the search for new methods and ways of
depicting of a constantly changing world and they gave life to so many
styles in art. Those styles disappeared and reappeared in altered
forms. But the funny thing is that in different sources some artists
belong to different styles. So, if you mess up one day mentioning the
wrong style, just say that different sources give different
information. And it is difficult to find an artist who will ideally
fit in a certain painting school.

The idea of our art styles exploration is the following:

I give you a photo (mine or from internet). I also define the style in
which this photo shall be made. You can also choose your own photo but
it should be made in the style defined in the ongoing contest. You can
make it in all possible ways (from pencils to oil, digital, pastel,
everything you want). So, we will try abstract art, modern,
expressionism and many others.

Today I would like to suggest IMPRESSIONISM.


Impressionism is a talented portrayal of the soul. This style is a
reflection of the artists impressions. The artists of this school deny
the importance of religious, historical and mythic plots which were
common for academicism. To them impressions, feelings, and emotions
were more important. Plain - air - painting in open air appeared
thanks to the impressionists. For them it is also typical to paint
with little and contrasting brushstrokes. Their paintings are very
positive and full of joy and bright colours. The main impressionists:
Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre - Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas,
Konstantin Korovin.

enter image description here
Claude Monet

enter image description here
Vincent Van Gogh

enter image description here
Pierre - Auguste Renoir

Degas and there are no ballerinas))))))
Edgar Degas and it is not ballerinas!!!!))))

enter image description here
Konstantin Korovin

The photos for the first contest were made in Giverny at the garden of
Claude Monet. Some time ago I made a post about

Monet and Manet.

If you are interested in it you can check it too.

enter image description here

I think everybody recognized Monet:

enter image description here

enter image description here

And another by Monet:

enter image description here

So, I invite you to make painting of one these photos or the photo
upon your wish in IMPRESSIONISM style.


Yours, @aksinya.


Appreciate your effort and hope you get good support. I will try to give my 100 % to support the contest.
Have a Nice Day ...

great art, you are very talented to join the contest.

to compete one has to have a lot of imagination and talent .. know how to combine the colors ..
Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre - Auguste Renoir,
Edgar Degas,
Konstantin Korovin. they all have talent to spare they are great artist ..
Of course there is a great artist who will show his talent in this contest

How i missed those days like it was yesterday.i will stay tuned Nd hopefull participate. I haven’t been painting lately, wejust moved in to our new house and been busy renovating and cleaning and takingcare of the kids. But i will love to participate soon

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hello, charming aksinya, you have beautiful photos I really liked. with a taste of painted thank you very much for giving us such beauty

Very beautiful 😍

Genuinely excited for this. I really miss your contests. Really helped create a sense of community for me when I was new to Steemit, and it pushed me into new directions and helped me expand as an artist Also ; the art your contests inspired was next level. Steemit is just a much nicer place when your contest is on.

beautiful painting my friend :)