Entry for Artstorm Contest #13 - umbrellas or parasols (Non-Digital)

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This is my entry to the Non-Digital Artstorm Contest #13: Umbrellas by @deemarshall



I almost left the rest of the canvas white because I thought it looked cool, but finally got around to deciding on a background. Now I can't decide if I like it this way or not.


I painted this with a random variety of cheap ass paints that we always have around. Some legit acrylics, some cheap Walmart craft paint. I didn't quite know where I was going with it when I started, I just started with an umbrella and went from there.



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A lovely interpretation. It gives me a sad feeling as this lady walks alone in the city. But maybe she is like me. I enjoy the rain. I like the atmosphere and the depth of the painting. One negative is your name dominating in all your shots. I take it your entry is the first shot as the time allowed is 15 minutes.

Sorry, I missed the 15 minutes time limit. I can just try again next time, because I didn't time it at all.

No problem, thank you for showing us your lovely work.

The freewrite prompt brought me here. Love your use of color and subject in this umbrella work. A) do you sell art, and B) you do SFX? Are you by any chance a member of any filmmakers' collectives?