Artstorm Contest #32 Day 1 - Theme Today - My Best Room

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Hey Everyone!

Again we thank @organduo and @laputis for their generous donation to prizes for Artstorm Contest #32!! This is such a kind thing to do. Please visit @organduo's and @lapuris' blogs to show your appreciation.

Another new week! Come and enter Artstorm with the chance of winning some SBD :)

Now, on to Contest #32 Day 1 ...

Artstorm is a contest for challenging yourself and having fun!

Artstorm Contest #31 will run every day from 9th to 15th July inclusive (7 days altogether).

Each day I post a theme. Entrants should create a quick picture using the medium of their choice.


Today the theme is 'My Best Room'.

Here's a video about looking for a nice room:

There are two categories for your entries:

Digital Art

Non-digital Art


You can enter once in each category.

For Contest #32, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the prize will be 0.250 SBD, kindly donated by @ORGANDUO and @LAPUTIS. There may be other prizes as well depending on the entries.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the prizes will be the payout from the Artstorm post 7 days ago up to 0.250 SBD each day.

Eg: the prize for Friday will be the income generated by last Friday's Artstorm contest up to the value of 0.250 SBD.

All prizes are paid the next day, for the entry I like best.

This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for your entry with the title 'Entry for Artstorm Contest #32 - My Best Room'.

• State clearly which category you are entering, on your entry post.

• Make the first tag #artstorm.

• Leave a link to your post in the comments below. If you do not leave the link, I cannot guarantee to find your entry.

• Upvote and resteem this post. This is a condition of entry. I ask all entrants to do this as it helps me afford to pay the prizes. If this is not done your entries will not be considered for the prize.

It is your responsibility to upvote and resteem my post.

I don’t accept children's work as entries for the prizes in the Artstorm Contests but you are welcome to post them for us to see.

Photography and edited photography are also no longer accepted.

The entry closing time each day is 9:00 am UTC the following day (Follow this link for a time zone converter.)

I hope you will have time to enter and have fun!!

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Here is a preview of the themes for Artstorm Contest #32.

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Thank you for your entry!

This is an interesting image, the room in your mind, your imagination, your third eye, you’ve got your hands on it !

in simpler words. taking control of my universe. regards @lildebbiecakes

Thank you for your entry!

Thanks sis 😘 😘

Your bedroom looks like a wonderful place to hang out little sister ❣️Blessings


Thank you for your entry!

Your bedroom, where you have your beautiful dreams, I love it❣️

Wow ... that’s a pretty awsome room, cool idea @organduo!

Thank you for your entry!

Awsome digital drawing @rizada !

Gracias! :D

You are a day behind again. Day 1 of contest 32 is finished and prizes have been awarded. We are now on Day 2.

Hola hasta que hora del dia de hoy puedo bajar un dibujo de ese tema

That's a shame :(

Ahhh... you where to late this is such a beautiful drawing @maggy7419 such a pretty room, I love the colors ❣️


Thank you for your entry!

Thank you Dee❣️

Another funny Mr. Bean cartoon Ha Ha !! Thanks Dee❣️

Very happy the you enjoyed it :)