Artstorm Contest #11 Day 1 - Theme: Coffee and Cakes

in #artstorm4 years ago (edited)

Artstorm Contest #11 - Day 1.jpg

Day 1 has now finished.

Here is a link to Day 2, theme 'first love' in case you would like to enter:

thank you GIF.gif


Deebot: cannot find resteem. Entry not accepted.

Hi, sorry I forgot. I made you reestem, I hope to enter.

Thank you for your entry!

hola buenos dias esta es mi entrada no al cafe para mi si a la torta jijiji
hello good morning this is my ticket not to the cafe for me if to the cake jijiji


Unfortunately, the images you used of cake and coffee were copied from the web. I only accept your own original work for an Artstorm entry.

I know it is a little bit late but I really like to join thw contest. It is okay if it is not counted. I still just want to submit my entry. I was busy few hours ago since it was my mother's birthday. Thank you 😊 for the opportunity given.

Deebot: cannot find upvote. Entry not accepted.

Im sorry I forgot to click the upvote button. Maybe next time i will join thank u

Thank you for your entry!

Hiiiiii! I’m just hoping you’ll consider my entry.

Deebot: cannot find resteem. Entry not accepted.

Wait I think here's the right link to it.

If you do not resteem your entry is not accepted. I need the resteem exposure to have enough upvotes. I pay the Artstorm prizes from my own money!!! Do not send me videos.

okie dokieee. sorry my bad.

Hi @deemarshall my entry today , name is " Coffee and Cakes SEPARATED IN A PARALLEL WORLD"


Thank you for your entry!

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