Drawing Kim Seokjin of BTS

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From the time I told you guys about my break in blogging, I never really had the opportunity to draw again because I just had zero interest in life, but not until I met BTS 4 months ago.

To make the story short, I knew about this Kpop group from years ago but I never really gave them a chance because their fandom is a whole different world, and I hate complications. Plus I find fan wars petty and a waste of time. You will get this if you're into Kpop like myself, or at least have a twitter account and find millions of tweets about Kpop and all.

Right after enjoying some silly clips of their youngest member admiring my most favorite Korean singer, I finally gave in and listened to some of their tracks... and I swear to god it was heaven since then.

The songs that got me hooked were The Truth Untold, Spring Day, and Butterfly.

I am usually very critical with vocals, and I admit I kinda didn't like their voices at first because everyone was so peculiar that it thrown me off a little bit. But those unique vocals definitely got more beautiful the more I listened to them.

What surprises me the most now is my new found love in listening to rap music. I never really liked rappers or just rap songs in general. In all honestly, I disliked it to some serious degree, but BTS changed that for me. I strongly believe that their rap line is one of the most highly acknowledged rappers in Kpop entertainment. Not to mention how equally diverse they are just like the vocalists in the group.

Kim Seokjin is one the lead vocalists of the group, as well as the eldest, that was scouted solely because of his looks. With no background in music at all, he had to learn and train from scratch both in singing and in dancing. Despite not being the best dancer in the group and is often regarded as the weakest, Jin's voice is out of this world. For me, he has the strongest voice and range in BTS. From ballad to rock, Jin always delivers.

This is definitely becoming a cute fan letter, so let me just end it here. I hope you enjoyed my drawing, and learned a bit when it comes to how I build my drawing from the very start.

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P.S. I apologise in advance if my blog looks really off. Unfortunately, I easily forget things.

A. Olaivart 🌸

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Hello, Alisa :) It's been months since I last saw you posted, and I still remember how you were feeling down and out of it the last time I commented on your posts.

I have always loved your artworks and your talents, and even back then I had admired your spirits, your honesty, and your courage.

I am so glad to see you posting again! You have been missed, for sure!

And I am so glad to see you rediscovering your zest in life through BTS and their music :) I, myself, can relate to you with how I can't quite gel with the core fandom of kpop fans but I linger outside in my own space, another fan of BTS myself :)

I think they are an amazing group of young men, who are talented and hard working, and who are 110% dedicated to their passion... I haven't really listened to their latest album, but I've been a fan for a while :)

I think you drew Jin wonderfully ! You captured his likeness well, and more than that, I think you captured his personality and his gaze nicely with this portrait :)

Love the step by step presentation, as well <3 !!!

Hope to see you post more often, Alisa <3 But, no pressure, as always <3

Hey, @veryspider!


Thank you for remembering me with so much grace despite being so downright ugly because of how I presented myself when I broke down here on Steemit. It actually felt like a millions years ago already.

Now I am happy thanks to BTS. Some people have the audacity to tell me what I feel isn't real, but they will truly never understand until they become fans themselves. BTS basically saved my life and my sanity. I am so happy and thrilled to know that you are a fan as well!

What you said about them is so true. They are so wonderful that it overwhelms me. I always find myself crying because of their music.

What are your favorite songs by BTS? And who is your bias?

Mine is Jin. He basically taught me to be confident, be optimistic, and showed me that hard work doesn't betray. I just love him genuinely.

I am happy to be back. 💜 Thank you for your support! And I hope you find time to listen to their new songs!

Much love and appreciation,
Alisa 🌸

You are really good in this dear. Keep dropping amazing piece for us.

Discovered you from @art-venture featured post.

Ohhh appreciate your comment! Thank you, Max!

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Very well executed portrait.
Congratulation on being featured by @ocd Issue #337!

Thanks so much, @lady-idra! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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