🎶The Art of Music🎵 - Round #3 🎼 - No More Entries!!📣Time To Vote!!

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Time To Vote Your Favorites!!!

Sorry, no more entries will be accepted this week. A few metal heads out there. They need your help now! Go vote for your favorites by clicking here! ---> 🎶The Art of Music🎵 - Round #3 🎼. They all had fun and put in quite a bit of effort and energy into their music, please show them some appreciation and tell them which one(s) you liked best!

PRIZES (as this grows, prizes will get bigger)

  1. Grand Prize - 5 SBD Will be given to the overall winner.
  2. Popular Artist - 3 SBD Will be given to the most popular contestant each week.
  3. Consolation Prize - 2 Runners Up will each be given 1 SBD for outstanding performances.
  4. It may happen that the Popular Artist also wins the Grand Prize!

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