How to clean a house ? Try using the service'' Art of Cleaning"

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It's 1am in Vietnam time. However, I still sit on computer and participate in the contest by @culgin :D Thank you for hosting this contest !
I love this competition because it has a new and innovative theme, especially the 'clean house' theme contest - my favorite job. An hour ago I turned on my phone and saw the time in Singapore, hmm so I'll have a little slower. I hope this entry is still considered good because it's late at night and everyone is sleeping.

You can read this meaningful contest here :

When I moved, I used 3 types of cleansers. These are the products my family used many times in 10 years :

  • Toilet Vim : This product is a very strong detergent. Easy to use, clean, efficient, clean environment for my family.
    Products help keep my home space is clean, avoid the pathogens, affect health.
  • Gift : Detergents used to clean glass (( Gift is used to clean the glass surface and many other surfaces such as crystals, mirrors, convenient and easy. Along with fresh sea scent, it creates a cool sense of space )
  • Gift : Cleaners for floor cleaning ( pleasant lily flower, contributes to make my house become clean, cool, bring comfort to everyone in the family.
    The product is suitable for cleaning on many surfaces such as ceramic tile floor, granite, mosaic tile, wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble floor )

I will write about how to clean my house: how to clean the toilet, how to clean the glass, how to clean the floor.

How to clean the toilet?

First you wear rubber gloves, watering the toilet surfaces including toilets, toilet walls and toilet floors.Next I used the "Vim Toilet" cleanser to spray on dirty surfaces and to close the restroom so that the '' Vim'' kill the bacteria after 15 minutes. Brush the stained yellow spots from the toilet walls, toilet floor and toilets. Use clean water to remove chemicals and stains. Dry the surface thoroughly.

My Advice :

  • In addition to toilet water and toilet paper, do not throw any waste into the toilet. Because it does not just block and even ruin your home. Pipe repair is an extremely difficult job as the toilet is fixed in your home.

  • After you go to the toilet, close the toilet lid and then rinse to avoid spreading the bacteria to the outside environment. This is one of the simplest steps that few people take.

How to clean the glass?

You can use cotton towels or paper for cleaning, old newspapers to clean the glass. However, I recommend using a newspaper to clean the glass. Do not forget to use detergent !

How to clean the floor.?

If properly cared for, tiled floors may look new after years. clean with a broom or use a vacuum cleaner every day. This step removes dirt, food debris and other debris from the tile floor. Dirt in the damp area can quickly turn into a dirt that is hard to remove.
Also, you should scan the house or use vacuum cleaner before cleaning or cleaning.
After dusting, Use a detergent and water to clean the floor.

If you pour the juice or water on the floor, you need to clean it immediately. If you put the juice on the floor dry, you will hardly clean it.

I have never used a cleaning service because my house is small. However, sometimes I encounter some sanitary issues. Examples of stains on the sofa or stains on the cushions. These are difficult to clean stains. Maybe in the future, I will use the toilet service. The contest by @culgin refers to the service: ''art of cleaning '' , I have visited the website of this company and learned some information :

"Art of Cleaning" is one of the leading Singapore carpet cleaning company. They specialize in commercial and residential carpet, upholstery sofa, mattresses, office and house cleaning- @Culgin said
Here are my search results for keywords :

Singapore is famous for being the cleanest country in the world and has the most green trees in the world. There is no trash on the road, the green of the trees over the country, this is also a good point to impress the world.
So I trust they have the best cleaning experience.
Here are some cleaning services of this company:

This is their website, you can read here

Thanks for reading <3

By : @a-alice

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@a-alice I applaud your dogged determination to finish the entry despite the late night. And you're even hands-on with the house work. You're amazing Wow!


heheheheh thank you :D <3

wow such a great imagination very well done dear this is a important part of life. cleaning and you very best way represented and your picture is awesome. well done dear


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