[CR] Portrait -Little Girl

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Hello Steemians,

Today i'm going to share with you a painting of a little girl in this one i'm kinda changed my method of painting im starting from grayscale to color like the last one i did, i wish you all a happy holidays and i will see you in the next one 😊

Little girl portrait step 11 repainted 2.jpg

Going from grayscale to color?

1- First i duplicate the grayscale painting layer and add a gradient map (image>adjustments>gradient map)

gradient map added .JPG

2- Double clic on the duplicated layer and use uderlying layer to create a smooth transition between the gradient map and the grayscale layer

underlying layer added.jpg

3- Create new layer and clip it to the gradient map layer and set it to color mode

color added.JPG

Hope this was helpful 😊


Little girl portrait step 1.jpg

Little girl portrait step 2.jpg

Little girl portrait step 4.jpg

Little girl portrait step 5.jpg

Little girl portrait step 6.jpg

Little girl portrait step 7.jpg

Little girl portrait step 8.jpg

Little girl portrait step 9.jpg

Little girl portrait step 10.jpg

Little girl portrait step 11 repainted 2.jpg

Thank you all for your support :)


This is so damn good. How did you learn how to paint like this? any video tutorials made? I wanna know :D

Oh yeah, you need to post through the @ntopaz platform for curators of ntopaz to see your works. artisteem changed their brand to ntopaz.

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This is awesome. The step by step is really insightful. I've been learning to use gradient maps more and this post should come in handy

I love this!

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Beautiful drawing and the tip about the gradient map is appreciated. Maybe I'll try it the next time I feel experimental :).

Thank you 😊 i’m glad you found it useful

Wow @justmousepixels, it look like a mysteries lady . Is this one of the character from game? I like how you use the color, she gave me a dangerous and mysterious look.

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wow this is very nicely done, @justmousepixels ! i love it !!! the process pictures are very wonderfully presented, too <3 she is beautiful !!!

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