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Hello guys,

Today i'm going to share with you a black and white ( monochromatic) painting it's weird but i feel more comfortable painting with colors , i found myself struggling to achieve a painterly look in this one maybe i should practice and do more of these let me know what do you think and i'll see you in the next one

Black an white portrait step 6.jpg


Black an white portrait step 1.jpg

Black an white portrait step 2.jpg

Black an white portrait step 3.jpg

Black an white portrait step 4.jpg

Black an white portrait step 5.jpg

Black an white portrait step 6.jpg

Thank you all for your support :)


You have the talent dude!!

I am totally blown away! Each page is truly more than a work of art. For me it is already a masterpiece as it is, even your draft drawings or sketches is already awesome.

I do think you are quite good already. Its hard to use dark colors in sketching but to you it was great easy peasy. As i see it, your drawing has come alive like it was really a captured picture!!

Could it be possible that next time you can include in your discussion the tools you have used like was it charcoal pencil or water color or the likes so that we could appreciate it much like if somebody want to try it out they will know what to use. Also, yes do include too the model picture ypu have used when you started sketching.

Please do post more of your artworks. We are truly inspired!


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Thank you so much for your kind words and your support glad you like it :)this the reference photo i used

Wow!!! It is the closest thing to the original! Congratulations! You rock dude!! 😍

How long have you been drawing? Did you went to study it??

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i've been drawing for 8 years now and im a self taught artist

Ohh really??

So what had inspires you to drawing? Do you have any family members who seem to have the same passion too?

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Drawing is a part of who i am it almost became routine for me to reduce stress of work and im the only family member who like drawing 😄

Hahahahaha all the while I thought it was genetic.. 🤣😂

Well good for you! You ahve found your inner calling.. and you have excelled on it.

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I like how you paint and the animation of the creation process is pretty nice. Do you still use only the mouse for drawing? You should buy a cheap pen for drawing. They are pretty handy :).
Congratulations for your curie vote.

Thank you my friend glad you like it and yes im still using a mouse as you can see my user name here is justmousepixels so i can't cheat and use anything else :D

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Thank you 😊

The drawing is lovely. I love it very much. I always thought that a black and white drawing always more challenge than color drawing. And you made it, the drawing was beautiful. Maybe you can include the original image to show how real is your painting.
Oh maybe you can draw a similar portrait in color hehehehe..

Thanks glad you like it and this is the reference i used

You should put it in your post @justmousepixels, It really look like a photo copy version. You really talented. Is this your first black and white drawing ? I love it .

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Thank you and this is not my first greyscale painting i did a lot bc you need to train you eyes to see value better

You draw a lot? Either greyscale or color. When you start into art? because your drawing skill require a lot of practice.

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Thank you i've been drawing for 8 years now

Drawing always good in release stress. I not good in drawing but i love color. When i feel stress, i like to color it keep me away from stress because need focus on coloring and what color should applied. Time flies when i start to color.

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She looks bold and gorgeous! You actually did great!

I agree painting with colors usually look more appealing but black and white version has its own charisma and caliber like this one. I think black and white matched her personality being portrayed. Maybe you can try to put colors on it but I guess Earth colors would still be better than bright ones.

Who is she? Do you have reference photo for your drawing or is she a product of plain imagination?

Thank you so much :) and this is the reference photo i used

Wow! You really captured her aura and personality on your drawing. It looks almost the same as your reference photo. How big is your drawing and how long did it take you to finish it?

Thank you 😊 it's 8.5x 12 inches and it took me 5 hours to finish this one

That's very diligent of you with all the details that you have put on the drawing. 😊

Hi justmousepixels,

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Thank you 😊

I enjoyed checking out the process shots on this one. How something so very detailed can come from chaotic splashes from the beginning. Any plans on creating some art videos in the future?

Thank you glad you like it and for creating art videos im thinking about it but it's really a process that take a lot of time that i don't have now

¡Hola @justmousepixels! Es una obra preciosa con un resultado increíble, la miras y sientes que te mira con intensidad, no es fácil darle vida a unos ojos, te felicito por tu voto Curie, y por todo lo que has aprendido por tu cuenta, ser autodidacta es más difícil, y a la vez es algo muy natural en ti, ya que nace de tu corazón, ¿Cuántos años llevas pintando? Cariños y besos.

Thank you of sharing this drawing, unfortunately I could not find the information what you have used for your work, it looks to me digital work, am right? I am saying so because the final result looks like a photograph. I saw programs with digital Art when you use a photograph and clone it on your canvas then just go with digital tools over, that is easiest way, because you have already electronic copy. It would be great if next time you share what the materials you used :)

Thank you 😊 and yes it a digital painting in photoshop i always try to mimic traditional in digital using variation of painterly brushes

I actually also bought that kind of program but never worked out how to use it properly, that seems too complicated for me although in demonstration I liked it so much. So may be one day try again :)

I actually prefer black and white versions of photographs and in this case I think it was a great choice to go black and white with this painting. It gives your image more dramatic look which the lady certainly deserves if you look at the expression in her eyes. She looks dangerous and determined. I like it a lot. She is beautiful :)

Thank you for sharing!

Wow is a spectacular painting, his face is wonderful and the monochromatic effect you got is amazing. You have a lot of skill to draw, I love what you've done, a big hug @justmousepixels

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