[CR] Apples Study (Step-by-Step)

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Artwork ImageToday I decided to take a break from drawing characters and go for plant life :D

I decided to go with some ol' fashioned apples. I bought some masking fluid for the first time a while ago and never got to test it out, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

This time I took photos of the process with my phone, since I didn't want to stick the painting with the masking fluid in my scanner, prefer not to risk it XD

Painting Process

I didn't take shots of the sketch process, since it was a quite simple one, so will jump straight to the coloring part :)

- 1. Applying masking fluid -
Since I wanted to start with painting the background, I added masking fluid all over the leaves, stems and apples. Since this was the first time working with masking fluid I needed some getting used to it XD didn't expect it to be fully water-like... I thought it would be at least a little thick, but oh boy was I wrong. So I applied it with an old brush that I had and let it dry aside for 30 min.

-2. Painting the Background-
Since I had fully covered with masking fluid the necessary parts, I went straight ahead boldly with lots of water and painted in my background wet-on-wet. I also used some tissue to lift up the color and to give the illusion of clouds.2.jpg

-3. Removing masking fluid and adding flat colors
After letting the Background dry, I peeled off the masking fluid and started laying my base color in all the shapes

-4. Adding shading-
After the base layer of paint has dried I started adding shading and defining the shapes, which makes the painting way more detailed and starts to look more put together


-5. Adding deeper shadows and putting final touches-

-6. Adding sharpness and final touches-
After letting the paint dry again I defining the details and shapes a bit more with some sharpened pencils. At the end just added some highlights on the apples with white ink and this is the final result after scanning the painting:

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Very nice and lovely study, hentikage :D. I really like all the colours here, they speak to me of a simple and beautiful life.

Yes, it is quite relaxing to paint plants and animals, have to do it more often :)
Glad you like it, @scrawly <3

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Neat work @hentikage! First time to know this masking fluid. So interesting. Is it like rubber cement you rub them off or you could pinch the edge and pull it off?

Thank you for commenting @naomipangolin :)
Yes, when it dries it turns into rubber like consistency and the water and paint do not stick to it. When I am ready to remove it, I just rub it of with my fingers - just need to be careful not to tear the paper, because it is glued to it quite strongly :)

These are so wonderfully coloured and very nicely presented in its process of making, @hentikage! Love it !!!!

Thank you, @veryspider :) Glad you like it <3

i love the texture on the apples, looks ready to eat 😋

Beautifully done! I had never heard of masking fluid, and it was interesting to hear about it and see how it is used.