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Artwork ImageRecently I have been busy with job hunting and unfortunately do not have that much time to sit and draw, but today I found the time to do yet again a female portrait XD, because they are always relaxing and fun for me :)

I got quite frustrated with my last drawing, because I spent over 8h on it to sketch and ink it, and after using masking fluid - it just got absorbed into the paper and it would not peel off, therefore ruining the whole drawing ;(
I did order a light box few weeks ago online and am waiting for it to arrive, so I can retrace my ruined drawing onto a better quality paper and give it a 2nd go :)

As for this painting - just the ordinary watercolors+ pencils. I have been watching some artists tutorials and decided to try and draw the sketch in flesh/red color and I do have to admit I really like how it looks compared to darker lines! So I will surely stick to this method now and practice it. As for her hair - I wanted to make it gray, but unfortunately it did not turn out as I pictured it, but I got a lot of practice and I do like the result. When I showed it to my brother at the end when I was finished, he said she looks like she has the worst hangover. Best comment ever! XDD

Anyway, hope you guys like it!
Until next time :)


It is a nice practice, and too bad about your other artwork. But I'm glad that you are buying a lightbox so you can save your art :).
Worst hangover... now I can see it too xD.

Thank you, scrawly XD
Yes, indeed.. I cannot unsee it now too haha.
As for the drawing I will share both the ruined version and the new one, once it is done :)

Thanks for the comment <3

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So cute ! I love the pose very much, @hentikage :D And that yellow shirt is absolutely stylish <3 <3 <3

... Your bro's comment is hilarious XD

Very cool, your new technique worked very well :) I included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!