Brief thoughts on being put in the "women artist" ghetto // by Joan Pope

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Is there anything more insulting than being thrown into the “women artist” ghetto? I don’t want to be singled out based on sex and then operate within a “collective” that perpetuates the idea that the word “artist” is inherently male therefore it needs the designation of “woman” in front of it, then call that being “progressive.” I am a woman and I’m confident that everyone already knows that. There is no need to throw the word “woman” or “female” in front of everything I do. It’s already known. Let’s be clear about something: I don’t do “women’s only” shit because my art and philosophy requires men. I can hold my own creatively and intellectually with men. When I work with the theme of the “Divine Feminine” it should be a given that the feminine requires the masculine to mean something. The entire body of my work is based on Sex, based on Alchemy. I fucking love duality. It is the basis of all creation, life. It is necessary. It is the wisdom that has been passed down from the ancients. Isn’t being an artist all about achieving inner androgyny anyways? Uniting our own inner opposites? // When you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower… (We learn about the inner masculine / inner feminine through our interactions and relationships with people of the opposite sex.)

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Very well said all around.


Thank you!

My philosophy: Don't get caught with a fixed philosophy, a set
of safe beliefs, a particular way of life.

Experiment! With live, with love.
Run an exploration of the real and the true degrees of freedom
of life, of love, of the human condition, inside self and in one's
style of life.

Move! Into new spaces beyond one's present concepts of possible/probable/certain real spaces.
Far vaster than I now know are the innermost/outermost realities.
Far more interesting than I now feel are the deeps of the space, the beyond within, the infinite without.

Love and loving are basic.
Hostility is redundant.
Fear is non-sense.
"Death" is a myth.
I am I.

lil sad that it took me a while to see this and get into this. But its whole lot of layers to this. I guess the first thing I would like to share, is in the 'golden' age of minds, when SatoriD was at its height I guess, I would get feminine pronouns a lot, She an artist and poet, Satori she crazy or whatever, there was like a whole month, where I keep getting comments in all sorts of threads, I never corrected them, but I found it interesting, I guess at the time I was writing and sharing a lot of poetry. Or I was sampling Nikki vocals a lot, but that leaves me to the last point of everything, every single being has masculine and feminine energy, the task is to integrate and balance these energies, so that one can do and experience some really fucking cool shit ;D


Very interesting... I tend to get masculine pronouns a lot if they only see the collage... I like when people can't tell. Its better that way. That means we've achieved something beyond this world.


this is very true, I do like that they can't tell =D