My latest painting finally reached its new owner!

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My latest painting finally reached its new owner!

Greetings Everyone!,

So my recent work (“Kettle & Petals #2”) has finally reached its new owner!!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, while I’m happy that it sold I am also quite honored and excited about my new collector.

His name is Jim Bulian

Jim Bulian is the founder of Artist Vodka

When I saw that my work was sold, I just absolutely lit up!

While I never met him in person, I have known of him and seen his products and booths set up all over a multitude of various artist shows and events for the past few years.

Seeing all of these modern day skilled artists/painters that I have been inspired from that he continues to be affiliated with and support has brought upon a bewildering and surreal feeling.

Now that I can refer to him as a bonafide collector, I have to say that it has been a gratifying and humbling experience.

As this sale has now come to an end I have now found myself with a greater sense of determination and inspiration to create much stronger work that my future collectors will continue to enjoy over the years.

Thanks for reading Everyone!

-James Hansen

EMAIL: [email protected]

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