Celebrating 50 Rep on Steemit

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This really only pertains to Steemit, but given the fact that a good portion of my readers read my content there I figured I would just post this on both Steemit and my blog.


Quick Post Today:

Back in April (before I even started this blog) I set a goal for June, and part of that was to hit a reputation of 50. While I never really reached most of those goals I have still been aiming for them and just recently hit my goal for a good reputation, albeit 2 months late.


I would like to shout out to #NewbieResteemDay for giving me a jump start and @steempress-io for curating my content; as well as all of my regular readers. Thanks everyone!


If you want more content by me you can always follow my by: email, on my blog, or on steemit.

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Congrats! I just recently hit 50 too and it seemed to take awhile. I was hoping to hit 49 by my birthday in November because I'll be 49, so the extra point was pretty spectacular :)

Back at ya. And you managed to make it ahead of your goal instead of behind like I did.

I guess when I was beginning and rep was climbing so fast I never realized how progressively harder it was to continue to climb, so I guess we both just hit a milestone.

congratulation , i hope reaching the 50 asap :)


It took me about 9 months to reach 50 rep, so reaching it may take a little while, but if you are in it for the long haul then it'll be a question of when not if.

You are right , the most important thing is to enjoy being in.steemit and not looking.for money or reputation ..

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Well, actually I was just saying that if you continue to post you'll continue to climb in reputation.

But yea, those who are just looking to get rich probably won't hit 50 rep 'cause they'll be gone before then after they realize they can't get rich on steemit.

I sent to have shot up to the high 40's in a couple of weeks. But I have made effort to create content each day.

Hey, you're already 49.5. I can't imagine you'll be under 50 for more than a week or so at the rate you're going.

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I'm glad to see you.

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