Just hit 40 rep, Setting Steemit Goals for the Next 2 Months

in steemit •  10 months ago

Just yesterday my reputation hit 40. Today I have decided to set a few goals for Steemit over the next 2 months. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and read my content so far!

By June I hope to…

Continue to post 3-4 posts a week

I know that there are some people who post daily, but Steemit is just a hobby for me and I can’t be posting too much and still produce decent content. I already post 3-4 posts a week, with one or two being longer op-ed style posts, and the rest being shorter signals or updates. I plan to keep this up.

Reach a rep. of 50

I know that reputation gets progressively harder to get as you climb higher, but I am still aiming to get my reputation all the way up to 50.

Get 500 Followers

I have been climbing slowly in followers, getting to about 80 so far. However, at some point I hope that the number of people who read my posts will grow at a faster rate once the number gets a bit higher.

Have several comments per article

Hopefully as I have more people reading my content there will be more meaningful comments and legitimate discussion.

Have a more distinct posting style

I want people to be able to recognize my posts when they see them (in a good way). I am not quite sure how I will (or if I will) accomplish this.

Have an upvote that means something

The least important on this list, but still, I would love to have an upvote that is at least worth a cent or so. Besides, if my upvote is worth something and I upvote and engage my readers I’ll probably have a more loyal following.

Final Words

Hopefully I can reach these goals before June (or at least most of them). Either way, I am sure I will provide an update by then with new/renewed goals.

Again, thanks to everyone who has been following me and reading my content so far!

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