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Hi there,

Fundition project has been growing with time, also by time responsibilities are grown too. Currently as a start up we achieve to work not as a team but as a family consisting the Associates, Ambassadors and the Angels. We work towards our big vision of changing the world, and sharing hearts over blockchain. In Fundition we share an atmosphere where working is our first priority,rather than that we learn from each other and grow in a team. We would like to let you know that we started this vision without getting any profit from our work, so it was totally volunteering based. The team consists of a brave-hearted members. With time we got a delegation, we generate a small income for the members, to be able to continue the work focused on the vision. Also using the funds for spreading Fundition all around and for different merchs.

Most importantly, if you are looking for a friendly atmosphere where you will learn and you can share anything from your experience, and you speak english fluently, you like are vision and want to empower our vision. You are brave heart and can spend your time for valuable things, such as changing the world, we would like to see you among our team. Because we need members that will work on positions which are:

Writers ( 2 people ):

We need two experienced writers that know the blockchain, since the payment will be with cryptocurrencies. The main goal for the writers is the Consistency (Regularity) and the Quality!
There are some tasks and duties which have to be done weekly, monthly and some of them are based on a moment of a change. Most importantly there are some tasks that need an urgent handle. So those contents will be the priority tasks:

  • Monthly Magazine Content - Every 25th of the Month
  • Articles for Fundition Magtivity
  • Magazine of Activities - From 25 to 25 - between 30 days at least 10 content, focusing on Education,Charity and Innovation)
  • Content for Each Successful project fully Funded on - Done when any project is fully funded 100% Usually one project in 7 days
  • Content each Monday about Funditian News (Including new projects and statistics about the projects - fundraising amount )
  • Transparency Content - Each week ( How much we contributed to different projects with our Heartpower (voting power)
  • Content about Changes in Ecosystem (When presenting something new, update a program, present the changes)
  • Content about Sponsorships (When we become a sponsor to any organization)
  • Content about Fundition Videos
  • Content about different Contests that we host weekly or monthly
  • Helping out with the idea about what contents we should ask people to write about Fundition
  • Helping out how to make community create contents about Fundition so we can reward them

Please refer to our Form. Based on the questions we will choose the ones fitting with our ideology.

Thank you for your time,
Fundition Team.


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I’ve just sent an email. Thanks!

@kenmelendez would be an excellent candidate for this position!

You would have to ask him if he'd be interested but he is a "brave-heart" with excellent writing abilities @fundition 😊

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Chris! You are the man once again! Thank you for tagging me in this 🙌🏻

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You're welcome @kenmelendez! If it provides enough income for you it can help with your vision of working online 😊🖖

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Working for @fundition will be a good deal. Thanks for sharing this.

God willing you can get the right people.

This is huge for all those willing to embrace the Steem blockchain and its amazing projects. I wish I could apply, but I wouldn't be able to handle in conjunction with the projects I'm aready in.

All the luck for those to apply, Steem on, guys!

I hope you find some talented people. =) Resteemed!

GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE in @canna-curate would like to team up and offer our services any way we can. Drop on in on our shows and share whats happening in your community. It would be a good bridge I think.

Great! You guys are going an amazing service for the community! Sent an application your way!

I'm in! Let's goooooo! I'll be honored to work (a little further) with you family!

I have been patiently waiting for this opportunity. My appreciation goes to fundition team who dim it fit to bring people to the team.

I love fundition

So excited I think I've applied twice now!

I'm a passionate steemiang with a degree in journalism from the University of Washington!

Hope to hear back from you guys soon! I can get working right away!

Did anything ever come of this? That is, did you end up hiring anyone?

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup