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Hello Steemians!! I´ve been reading about octopus "The female of a species of octopus that inhabits almost 1,397 meters below the surface of the sea, spends nearly four and a half years brooding their eggs, them carefully until they are born, while giving up some type of food for herself." even the octopus eats himself so as not to separate from his eggs I said I have to make an octopus for the ARTEXPLOSION..!



After doing it to pencil I took it to Photoshop!

Captura de pantalla 2017-08-20 a la(s) 11.53.51.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-08-20 a la(s) 12.27.38.png

:D see ya!!

Thanks for the Support

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Thank u @acromott

Cool octopus. I like it.

Thanks for passing by <3

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Very intensive colors! Looks like anylin watercolor.

:) Full of vitamins!!!!? hahahaha thanks for stopping by means a lot to me

Beautifully done I like that you didn't choose something random you did your research very nice !

Thank u @newyorkfever <3

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WOW! Groovy !!!! (if we still use this term in 2017 hahaha!!!)

You can use the word that you want !! doesn´t matter the year <3 <3 Thanks for being awesome

awesome octopus, @yusaymon ! ^_^

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Silvia !!! thank u <3

Fantastic sketching and choice of colours!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank u @kerlund74 <3

Nice! Octopuses are my favorite!

And yes, for all those wannabe grammar lawyers, it's 'octopuses,' not 'octopi.' If you want to go to proper spelling for the root language, that would be Greek, not Latin, and would therefore be 'octopoda.' [mic drop]

OMG ahahhahahahah Thank u for all ur words I will edit !!!